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Our treatments improve and maintain the appearance of your skin as you age. We specialize in non-ablative (no surface damage) treatments, which means our clients can receive a treatment and return to work the same day.

We also specialize in skin of color.  If you have Hispanic, Native American, Asian or South Pacific ethnicity, you will need special attention when using lasers. We have lasers that can treat dark skin for hair removal and skin improvements. If you have been hesitant to have your skin treated with laser and light therapy, come in to see us to discuss the safe options available to you.


Save money with Lakewood Laser skin care specials!


Light Treatments for Rosacea - 10% off

Acne Treatment Special - 10% off single treatment and 15% off 4 treatment packages!


ToeNail.jpgIf you have unsightly, thick, discolored toenails - we have a comfortable, quick laser treatment that can treat onychomycosis (toe nail fungus) in four or more sessions.

We are offering this effective laser treatment for a special price:
$500 for three treatments and the fourth treatment FREE  

Lakewood Laser & Skin Renewal Staff
Lakewood Laser's
goal is to develop and implement a treatment plan that addresses the clients' major concerns and we expect our treatments to show a visible difference in our clients skin. We administer treatments that are safe, effective, and practical to each client's situation. Our treatment plans are developed in consultation with our physician and performed with direct on site supervision.

Medical cosmetic treatments are rapidly evolving. We assess these new treatments carefully and choose the most effective and safe treatments to offer our clients. Continuing education is a priority and all of Lakewood Laser's staff attends courses to update their knowledge and skills.

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